Lourdes I Had a Busy Day

Woke up at 6:50 and by sheer chance I brought my camera to work today:

Good call, as it was "Science Day" at CMU, which is not as small or nerdy as it sounds (okay, it is as nerdy as it sounds: but it is not small).

I would estimate somewhere in the thousands of children bussed in from all over Northern Thailand, along with every meat-on-a-stick and sticker salesman as well. Markets everywhere, science presentations and shows and poster-and-cardboard standees in all the halls. Little children marching Matilda-like in their uniforms.

And me, tall Farang, with a camera, inconspicuously taking pictures of little children, marching Matilda-like in their uniforms.

Pictures are coming.

After a long day of class during which I forgot my book, came home and did the laundry (by HAND, too, Nancy Drew) so my name's not Handel but I've got Back pains (oy) and then I skated around a bit until I landed at the CMU Mass Communications Ladyboy Festival (or something, I didn't catch the name), which was, from what I gathered of the hour or so that I was there, a beauty pageant/dance competition for teams of ladyboy freshmen from CMU. Seriously.

Pictures are coming, too.

Now I'm home, shirtless, smelly, hairy belly, arms are weak and legs like jelly. My God I should have been a rapper. I hear that the plastic surgery in Bangkok is to go black for.

I hear that the black market surgery in Bangkok is to give plastic for.

I fear that the black market surgery in Bangkok is to get plastic whores.

Nothing makes you feel worse about taking pictures of little girls than reading one paragraph of Lolita. Lourdes forgive me. How droll, Lord, how droll, Lord who w--oh!

Catch that Andrew Bird reference


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