More Pitchfork Boreshit

So I just saw on the p4k (this is what the kids call it) website that from August 17 - August 21 the music snootster site will be counting down the 100 Best Singles of the 00s.

Anyone want to do a prediction-based elimination style draft? (Here's where you ask me how bored I must be sometimes).

So let's say there are X number of people in the draft. We go in a random set order and choose 100/X songs, one song at a time, like in a fantasy football draft. Then we see who A) chose the most songs correctly (total correct) and B) had the best sequence of picks (went the most rounds picking songs that made the cut).

We can also do a separate draft where we choose our songs based simply on Play Count in our iTunes libraries. Winner gets a pair of Chuck Taylors and a $1,500/month one-room apartment in Flatbush.

I am game for this as long as I get the first pick and I am allowed to choose "Colt 45" by Afroman, which is clearly the greatest song of our lifetime.

Note: Second pick, "Just Like A Pill," Pink.

Well, I swear...

EDIT: the FIVE HUNDRED best singles, I'm told. Well obviously we aren't going to choose hundreds of songs each. This will make it more interesting anyway, if we still choose 100/X picks.


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