Thai Lessons Paying Off

Today I went to the market and I bought some clothes hangers, more toilet paper (though the butt hose has been in pretty steady rotation over the past week, I must admit), and some mounting tape to hang up my cool new King and Queen posters.

As I was getting ready to pay, I heard some passersby say "Look at the Farang!" in Thai. And then I turned and smiled at them and the guy who said it (a student, maybe 20) became very embarrassed and ran away behind his friends (an effect that I usually have on 20 year old Thai girls, as well).

A nothing day today. I took what must have been an eight hour nap in the middle of the day. Hopefully getting my rice cooker on Saturday--my online deal fell through so now I get to go to the SUPERSTORE. Fitting as I am a "super-handsome man" (qtd. my Thai noodle chef friend a.k.a. my best friend in the entire world).

Tomorrow Surat is coming into my freshyman class to record some incidental noise and then interview me for a project on ex-pats working in Thailand. She picked a good day to come to class, because tomorrow I am teaching my children how to curse.

What profit them


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