Hooo Boy

There are some meals here where, two or three dishes in, you just feel this bomb drop in your stomach and you think, "Why even keep eating this? Why not just get up and dump this straight into the sewer, because that is exactly where it's going as soon as I get home?"

Tonight for dinner (really, breakfast/lunch/dinner thanks to a marathon sleep), I did have three dishes. First, suki nam gai, which is a spicier-than-it-looks egg based glass noodle soup; second, panang muu, a not-as-spicy-as-it-sounds Indian pork curry on top of rice; and then, after a 90 minute break, maggaroni soht gai, which is stir-fried macaroni with sauce (or "source," as my menu spelled it--perhaps the proprietor is from Brooklyn).

I was trying to think, as I have ample time to think when these things occur, of which dish was the culprit. I automatically thought back to the Suki, which was spicy, as UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD I EVER EAT SPICY FOOD according to, uh, science. And I also thought about that macaroni with source, as  it was about halfway through that dish when I felt the tummy gurgle.

But something odd happened when ordering the Panang Muu that really makes me think it was that. Here is the conversation from when I ordered it:

Me: [I'll have the] panang muu.
Waiter: Panang muu? HA HA HA.
[Walks away].
Waiter [shouting back to cook]: Panang muu! HA HA HA!

I am writing this post from my knees, because I still do not feel comfortable enough to sit down. Was my Panang Muu sabotaged, poisoned, rotten? Made of feces?

Coincidentally, the way you order food here is to say "Ow [name of food]," which literally means "Get me [name of food]." So I said "Ow Panang Muu."

And I am still saying ow, Panang Muu. Owwwwwww, my stomach. Ow ow ow.

Where are my Tums. Where are they.


AthensPoops said...

my downfall was larb muu.. it was so tasty, and so spicy on the way in and out a few hours later

Daria said...

darling jason. i am thrilled to have found this epic blog at last. i've been hearing about it all summer from james. i hope your tummy feels better. coat with milk!


Anonymous said...

Please temper the diarrhea discussion...it is killing my enthusiasm for travel to thailand. swehmeier

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