Khun Paw, Khun Mae, Coming Soon, Coming Soon

I have one class of second year students--economics majors, too--who think it's the funniest thing in the world to say "Coming soon, coming soon" about a classmate, Oui, (take a guess as to how it is pronounced; nope, that was wrong) who is always late.

Well, I have just learned that my parents the economics majors are coming soon, coming soon, two months ahead of schedule. Mom is going to a conference in Chiang Mai and brining Papa Bear along with her, and then they are jetting on down to Bangkok on September 21, abt. 8 P.M.. Really convenient given that my final Final is September 21, ending at 6:30 P.M.; and so from there I am heading to the airport and flying down to meet them. I am mentally preparing myself for the parental bewilderment at how gaunt I've become as we speak.

I am also mentally preparing myself for SLEEPING IN CLEAN SHEETS and TAKING A SHOWER IN A STALL THAT HAS A SHOWER HEAD AND NOT JUST A HOLE WHERE THE SHOWER HEAD IS SUPPOSED TO BE. Damn you, Chomdoi, and your shower that is like getting pissed on for five minutes!

Also, have any of you heard about The Simple English Wikipedia? I just found it, and it's effing fascinating, if not grammatically...poor. Here is an article about Thai food and here is one about--hold on, let me stop my Ivory Tower douchebag laughter--about the literary term "Deconstruction."

Simple, simple, simple.


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