Remember on Letterman when he used to answer actual fan letters by mocking the senders viciously? This is kind of like that, except I don't have the letter writer's consent to share their writing in public.


Good evening Aj.Jason

     Thank you for everything all semester you are very cool teacher HAHA!!
I hope will see you again.

Khobkhunkrub ^^

[Wait: am I not a very cool teacher? Also, is there something menacing in the "I hope will see you again" line, or is that just me?

Speaking of menacing...]


Thanks you for teaching us the whole semester

and be in touch too


thank you teacher

have a nice time in BKK

PS. final exams are very difficult

TT ___ TT

Hello, jason

  we(teaw,cake,nooknik,kookkai) want to know store point . If you finish check final exam . Please send grade to us.

we great to see you , and you teach very good , kind .   Finally,kookkai tell you handsome. Thank you very much.


[Let's end on a sweet one.]

  Sa-wat-di-kha (It's a greeting in Thailand)

 I'm Tik , i know you can remember me.

Thank you for being a good teacher, you're my first teacher that be a foreigner.

In the first time on the class,I feel afraid and not sure to do anythings like speaking,reading or talking with you

but now I feel better when I meet you and I hope if I run into, we'll say Hi gather.However

I hope on the next term I will have a teacher like you.

Finally,I wish you to be a good teacher for every students like me.

If my letter have something wrong please rewrite to me.


                                                        Sincerely from Tik



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