Momo Money, Momo Problems

I've got nothing new for you today. About 3 weeks until the end of the semester, counting this week.

Today was my long day, after which I DLed the new Twilight Sad album, which is...not the best, no. It's kind of like R.E.M.'s Monster in that every song inexplicably uses guitar reverb. And you play the LP for the first time, and you here the first song, and you're like, "Oh, this song has reverb? That's an interesting choice." And then the next song starts, and you're all, "Oh...this song also has reverb. Hmm." And then so on and so on through twelve tracks. And just when you think the reverb is done--it isn't. They should have just called this album "Distortion." Or, a clever pun on Jesus and Mary Chain that has to do with Scotland, or Twilight Sad, which I can't think of right now. Oh well.

Then I took a long nap, went to see noodle chef-friends A and Eak (pronounced Ache, remember). Eak can barely speak English (I would give him mastery of three phrases, perhaps) but he used his three phrases (which include "What is your name?" and "Sit down, sit down") to get me to translate a conversation between him and a Japanese foreign exchange student named Momo.

Momo is from Nagoya (remember Nagoya Ward from Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, dear readers?) and she is studying English (or--sigh--Engrish) for three months in Kuala Lumpur. She is on holiday in Chiang Mai for a couple days. Yes, mmhm. Her English was not great but she was very, very nice and she laughed A LOT. Eak really liked her, but unfortunately, she was 20 and he was 35, and she was leaving tomorrow, and Eak doesn't speak any English and she doesn't speak any Thai.

[Note: The preceding picture took me awhile to take, and so while they were waiting, Momo, was posing with all sorts of different peace signs: backwards peace signs, regular peace signs, sideways peace signs, low peace signs, high peace signs, you name it. She was determined to through that peace sign up].

Except not for our picture :(

Au revoir, Momo. Y wol nae see ye nae mo!

::drenched in reverb::

Auld Lang Sad.


Ronjon said...

so she was determined to throw her peace sign up. but did you teach her about A TOWN DOWN?!!BBQ

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