More Language Barrier

Last night I was out for drinks with a friend, and, as happens every time that two Americans are out for drinks after eight P.M., two super-drunk Thais sat down with us wanting to be friends. They were both artsy types: long hair, grungy T-shirts. One of them was a Master's student in Music, a 30 year old, and he spoke excellent English; the other was a 25-year-old 8th-year undergraduate in Sculpture; his English was like, uh, the English of a Sculptor who doesn't speak any English.

Case in point. A third Thai sat down with us briefly, said something to the Sculptor, and then went away. The sculptor leans over to me and says:

"He fucks boys!"

Me [a bit confused]: "...What?"

Sculptor [Louder]: "He fucks boys!"

Me: "Uhh...I'm sorry, I don't understand."

Sculptor: "I'm sorry, my English it's...he's the fuck-boy."

Me: "The fuck-boy?"

Sculptor: "Him, he's the fuck-boy. You know?"

Me: "No, I don't..."

Sculptor: "How do you say...he's crazy, he's awesome...he fucks boys."

Me: [after some thought]..."He's the fucking man?"

Sculptor: "Yes!"

I'm glad we got that cleared up.


Ronjon said...

when you get back to america we can pound drink and yell "he fucks boys!" instead of the cliche "kind of like my wedding night"

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