Update: Lack of Updates Update

Those of you following this blog in terms of analytics (a surprisingly large group of you) will have surely noticed by now that the number of posts per day (P/D) has decreased dramatically this month, and these past weeks especially. I can hear your wails and cries even across the ocean, dear readers. And I have an update:

The reason: my life has been quite boring lately. Nothing to write home about, really (to write other places, perhaps--but that for a later time----); I sleep late, waking up after the noon hour, stuff myself stupid at lunch (today: pad see ee-yoo (broad flat noodles), mama pad saam rote (Ramen noodle stir fried, three flavors), and a bag of guava. I watched an episode of Twin Peaks, Season 2 ("Demons"). I considered going to the pool but the sky is overcast now--so I have taken my shirt off, sensing with some disgust the odor emanating from my chest hair and thereabouts, and am now pondering a nap--though having woken up only hours ago, combined with the lack of wisdom of such idea with tomorrow's early wakeup in mind, I am having "second thoughts," as the parlance goes.

So now I am sitting here, shirtless, shorts button not buttoned, listening to M83, eating the last of my guava, now pondering a shower, though if I am to nap (the possibility of which increases with each bite of guava) it would be wiser to shower after the sleep which will almost certainly result in a cake of sweat, especially across my already odorous chest.

So I think, instead, I will get into bed with my laptop, my cuddletop, and start another episode of Twin Peaks, and if I fall asleep, so be it, and if I do not, so be it, and I will check my email periodically, perhaps the news at an appropriate hour, when the National Bureaus send out their early morning updates. Then I can begin to check my Google Reader, as blogs and whatnot begin to update.

And who knows, perhaps I will update this blog, too--if only for my analyticos. Tata, tater tatas: I bid you adieu, for now.


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