And now this happens

Just as Elena and I were talking about how much we are going to miss Chiang Mai: this happens.

I wrote about those almost daily indelible classroom moments in yesterday's post (moments frozen in time (no, I will not think of that Lightman story (No, I will not let this make me eat (linked nesting dolls (have you read Lost in the Funhouse? And do you like the band Sunn0)))?))))), and then today I had another one.

I was talking to some freshymen before class about Sports Day (Thai: Sah-Port Daaaay), which is tomorrow, and which features all of the students divided by department in a university-wide intramural athletic competition.

Now, if you don't play one of the sports--and most don't--you are a cheerleader, so you have to learn dances and songs with your group.

I had heard that the departments learned really weird songs--Mass Communications, for example, learned "All That Jazz" and "Hey, Big Spender"--and so I asked my nursing freshymen what songs they had learned. They had learned 3:

1. Hush, Hush - The Pussycat Dolls
2. Single Ladies - Beyonce
3. A Whole New World - Aladdin

Now, I don't know if they are actually using these songs to cheer on their classmates--I can't imagine anything less inspiring than trying to complete a long running race and hearing "I can SHOW you the world..." coming from the finish line--but I do not that they know all the words to said song.

I asked them to sing for me--they were reluctant at first, but then I told them they could leave early if they sang--and they absolutely wailed out "A Whole New World," and it was sooooo precious, these 20 little freshymen (18 girls) rocking back and forth in their desks, and holding hands, and occasionally clapping on the 1s and 3s, and just eyes-closed BELTING this Disney classic.

It was so cute, you guys.


Verulam said...

This has nothing to do with your last post, or any other post you've ever written, but hear me out: according to Google maps, Rathchaburi is about the same distance from you as Chon Buri.

Why would you go to Ratchaburi? Because of shit like this:

Yeah, I don't know if that's actually a reason to go there, but if you're ever in the neighborhood and thinking, "Hell, I could really go for something completely fucking insane and entirely too disturbing right about now..." well, now you know.

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