I Am Happy to Say That I Can Now Stop Taking Richard Brody Seriously


Remember when everyone knew that "Gran Torino" wasn't a great movie within the first two minutes after Clint Eastwood's grandchildren show up to church and they are total caricatures and it is embarrassing that a director and writer would even suggest that an audience take such an image seriously? And then the hammy, on-the-money dialogue and characterizations continue for an hour and a half from everyone in the movie? Richard Brody did not know that.

Also, The Darjeeling Limited? Are we talking about the one with the mediocre performances by Anjelica Huston  and Adrien Brody and a weak, telegraphed script missing the excellent emotional payoff of Wes Anderson's other films? We're talking about *that* Wes Anderson movie? I mean, I've seen people spell "Tenenbaums" with the incorrect number of "Ns" but this has to qualify as the worst typo of that movie's title that I've ever seen. Unless Richard Brody really did mean The Darjeeling Limited. But I can't believe that true.

And Knocked Up? The Judd Apatow movie that EVERYONE and their mother thought had a poor final act? You know, the movie that was funny for the first two hours but then tried to get serious at the end and failed? We're talking about Knocked Up as one of the Ten Best Movies of the Decade?

Okay, Richard Brody. Funny joke? What are your real entries for best American films of the decade? Did you see any good Paul Thomas Anderson? Maybe something by the Coen Brothers? Spike Jonze, there's an interesting director. What about this Scorsese kid? Or this super-indie Asian director, Ang Lee?

No? Sticking with "Gran Torino"?



Jon said...

Or, while we're at it: Caché, In the Mood for Love, Mulholland Dr., 4 months 3 weeks 2 days, Syndromes and a Century.

Jason said...

I was trying to stick to non-foreign movies, since I haven't seen most of the foreign ones he's named--though I would be very surprised to see many lists that don't list In The Mood for Love, 4 Months..., and Syndromes and a Century.

And also obviously Mulholland Drive is my favorite movie of the decade.

Jason said...

Well, not because I haven't seen many of the foreign movies he listed, but rather because I HAVE seen the American movies he listed, and they were lampoon-able, considering the alternatives.

I didn't even mentioned that he picked a damn short film by Alexander Payne rather than a feature-length, in what I can only assume is an attempt at credibility or authenticity.

Jason said...

Speaking of credibility and authenticity, my grammar is not doing me any favors. This is what happens when you sniff paint thinner all day.

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