I'm Pregnant.

At least, I can only assume so. These past few days I have been experiencing what I imagine pregnancy to be like--constant stomach pain, cravings for Skittles, intermittent switching between a total inability to poop and rough spurts of diarrhea. The truth is, I don't really know much about pregnancy, because I spent most of my 8th-grade sex-ed class surreptitiously playing with myself; but I've seen a bunch of movies about pregnancy (Junior, Junior 2: the 3rd), and I'm pretty damn sure that this exactly what those movies depicted pregnancy to being.

(On an unrelated note, my spell-checker is flagging "movies" as a non-word. "Movies" is a word, right? I still speak English, right? Right?)

In these pregnant times I have been catching up on the movies (non-word?) of the decade that I couldn't remember well or had never seen. Mostly refreshers to see if they warrant mention on some sort of list whose bounds will be determined by quality and not a pre-set round number (Why make a Top 10 list of there were 17 Great Items in a year? Or even 3 (I'm looking at you, Albums in 2008)?). Anyway, so far I've either totally watched or totally discounted:

The Pianist
In Bruges
V for Vendetta
Team America: World Police
Sin City

And I'm confident in saying that none of them were the best movie (not a word in the singular form, either) of the decade. Sorry, Wachowski brother fans (if a man apologizes to nobody in a forest...)


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