Off to Chiang Rai

Well, I'm leaving Chiang Mai for a few days to see the wonder and beauty of Chiang Rai. Actually, I have no idea what Chiang Rai is like. I know it has a bus station, and that it very probably has Thai people. Past that though, I don't know what I'm doing.

I'm heading out there with some Thai people, which promises to be totally confusing for everybody. Especially the 3 hours during which they go into Burma to shop, leaving He Who Cannot Leave the Country Without Paying 1000 Baht alone in a Thailand border town to do my own, somewhat more expensive shopping.

So, I'm going there, for an unclear amount of days, staying at locations unknown, doing activities unspecified. I'm very optimistic that the trip will not end with me having Japanese encephalitis, which I've learned is all you can really ask for out of any vacation, really.


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