This Land Is No Longer Thailand

Don't you hate it when you draw yourself a hot bath, but then right after you start the water you get a craving for popcorn chicken, so you begin to cook the popcorn chicken thinking that it will be done before the bath is done, but in reality the bath is done long before the popcorn chicken is done, so you are just sitting naked on a recliner waiting for the oven to beep all the while your bath is getting cold?

Hi. I am back in America, and these are the new concerns. The blog will still be running periodically, perhaps even more frequently, given that I now have no job, friends, obligations, appointments, or concerns past eating some popcorn chicken and then sweating the grease out in reheated bath water.

Ding! I have to go. My prebath meal is ready, and also my inner thighs are getting cold.


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